This is a joint venture between a property funder, the land owner and an experienced developer, Johan Pauw.

Yes indeed. Approximately thirty billion rands worth of developments rests between them and a future book value of projects to the amount of two billion rands.

Immediately after transfer date of the plot.

10% deposit of the purchase price is payable, followed by 25% against transfer of the plot.

The buyer will pay no transfer duty, and VAT has already been included in the plot-and-plan, but the cost of conveyance (attorney’s fee) is for the buyers account.

No, the developer will appoint NHBRC approved builders to do the building.

No, in order to ensure a uniform high standard, use our TJ Architects as project architects. They are responsible for the design of all the dwellings.

At least one spouse has to be 49 years old or older for a couple to reside in of Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate (GPLE) .
A person of any age may own property in GPLE. During the development period, special permission may be granted to permit children to reside on the development.

The 2018 levy will be R 3 800 per month. [R 2 800 until clubhouse completed]

This monthly amount includes: Home Association levy, running of the HOA, roads, verges and garden service, waste removal, security, public open spaces, availability of medical and people living with dementia support/care, therapists and functional fitness, access to recreational facilities (clubhouse, business centre, pool, restaurant and coffee shop), maintenance of exterior of homes (5 years).  These levies exclude the monthly municipal rates and taxes and tariffs. Levies will be reviewed annually by the HOA.

The plans have already been approved for each plot – you do however have various options available to you for each housing type, as well as your own choices of finishes. If the buyer wants to change the interior of the house, it will have to be approved by the architect at an additional cost, which will have to be paid in advance.

There will be an intercom system where access will be granted from the resident via pin codes. A guard will also screen identification of both driver and vehicle.

Yes you may. However, during the development phase, in-house sales agents has to be used.

No, however there is a 1% of the sales price payable to the HOA, which would be allocated for levy contributions.

Yes, the leasing of your property can be managed by an estate agency or may be done privately. The developer will furnish owners with a standard lease agreement. The lease period must be 30 days or longer.

No, the residential homes are own title and the apartments are sectional title.

The HOA’s general rules of conduct and building regulations, etc are applied.

35% of the infrastructure is already done. The balance is due to start in August 2018.

It is planned to open by 2020.

The estate is set to be entirely completed by 2020 / 2021.

Electrical fencing and cameras/beams.

Owners may keep two pets: 2 dogs or 2 cats or 1 dog and 1 cat. Parrots and cockatiels are not permitted. A home owner shall not be allowed to replace the second pet when deceased.

The developer is currently busy with the process.

Fibre optic would be installed. Each owner would be liable for the cost of their own package.

Yes, 36 garages would be available to rent.