Our philosophy:

The key to the Groot Parys vineyards is allowing nature to just be, and when the need to interfere does arise, to use as sustainable practices as possible. The vines are mostly Chenin Blanc vines, and are 35 years old. Un-irrigated, the roots have to find the water they require, deep in the rocky soils of Groot Parys.

Our attitude of non-interference extends to the wine making process as well. No yeast is added during fermentation and after this the wine is left to ripen on its own terms. Before bottling only the minimum necessary amount of sulphur is added and the wine is only filtered with a so called “fly catcher”, which preserves the taste as much as possible.

As a result of our natural ways, our wines really express the terroir of Groot Parys.

Our Wines (Vintage 2017)

Groot Parys, Die Tweede Droom, Chenin Blanc, Spontane Gisting:

Although this wine is unwooded, it is pretty powerful.


Groot Parys, Die Tweede Droom, Chenin Blanc, Vatgegis:

Fermented in old French oak barrels which give the wine even more elegance and finesse.


Groot Parys, Die Tweede Droom, Chardonnay, Vatgegis:

Fermented in larger French oak barrels. An outspoken Chardonnay.


Contact details for wine sales:

Mariëtte Ras: +27 76 567 80 82


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